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6/23/16Textile Treasury: Cactus Silk


Photo by our girl Jennifer Harrison, aka Flea Market Fab. Used with permission.

Cactus silk, aka Sabra silk, textiles are possibly one of our favorite Moroccan textiles for their amazing softness- a nice change from the wool textiles, which can sometimes be a bit scratchy. Another big plus for cactus silk is that it’s vegan- being made from the fiber of the Saharan aloe vera, a member of the agave family. The leaves are pounded and soaked until the fibers separate. Then the fibers are spun by hand to create a silky, but very strong thread. The thread is woven on looms to create the cactus silk. The colors are created with vegetable dyes. You can’t get more Jungalow than colorful rugs and pillows made from plants, right?!


Huge Sabra rug. Photo via Maison Menara’s Etsy listing.


Sabra pillows from a Shop Flea Market Fab sale. Photo by Jennifer Harrison, used with permission.

While the huge rugs are dreamy, even the smallest of rugs made from cactus silk make beautiful wall hangings. We love the pillows made from rugs too- the perfect way to take advantage of the soft hand of cactus silk. Most of the pieces you’ll find incorporate traditional symbols into the design, so every rug or pillow tells it’s own story.

To shop more of our favorites (including that gorgeous rug), visit our Etsy treasury, or check out Flea Market Fab’s regular Instagram sales!

Danae Horst Danae Horst

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6 responses to “Textile Treasury: Cactus Silk”

  1. Zoe says:

    Heads up the treasury link isn’t working for me, hope it’ll be up soon so I can get shopping :)

  2. George Fukuda says:

    Cactus Silk? W0w! Never even knew it was “Thing”. Thank you for sharing and teaching something new!

  3. Caitlin says:

    I love the beautiful textures from these fabric. So vibrant :0

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    and i have lot of pictures of my artisans in mountains who woven Moroccan Rugs and some Huge vintage rugs also and i want collaborated with you, im such great fan of your website even i use all time you hashtag in my pictures i want to send you lot of professional photos of our Art.
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