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Our Visit to the Jardin Des Plantes


While in Paris we had a chance to spend two days visiting the Jardin Des Plantes, which are these incredible gardens that also house a handful of museums, a zoo and a few greenhouses. The above and below snaps were taken from inside the tropical greenhouse.

Jardin-des-plantes-3 Jardin-des-plantes-4 Jardin-des-plantes-5 Jardin-des-plantes-6 Jardin-des-plantes-7 Jardin-des-plantes-8 Jardin-des-plantes-9
There was a pretty desert room that reminded me of home. Ida knew most of the plant names in here — from Euphorbia to Agave ;).

Jardin-des-plantes-10 Jardin-des-plantes-11 Jardin-des-plantes-12
There was also a carousel where Ida went ‘alone’ on the carousel for the first time (#BoldMoves!).

Jardin-des-plantes-13 Jardin-des-plantes-14



There was also an Iris garden that made me rethink my luke-warm feelings about Irises. How crazy amazing are those color combos?
As you can see, Ida fell in love with them too.

Very much loved the look (and color) of the greenhouses. Made me want to paint all of my window trims in these minty green hues.

Jardin-des-plantes-16   Jardin-des-plantes-19 Jardin-des-plantes-20
We also went inside the zoo, the natural history museum, and I missed the botanical museum by just a few minutes (I wanted to cry) but the amazing grounds made up for it. The entrance to the Iris garden was so pretty that I already started discussing the idea of a vow renewal ceremony there–in about six years. Ha! If you’re in Paris, the Jardin Des Plantes is worth dedicating at least a day to — pack a picnic.

Photos By J. Blakeney

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

8 responses to “Our Visit to the Jardin Des Plantes”

  1. Danae says:

    Le sigh. SO beautiful! This is totally on my life list!

  2. Libbynan says:

    Memphis, TN, where we lived for many years has a botanic garden with a memorial iris garden. That’s where I fell in love with the iris. We used to go for a visit every Mothers Day. Then in July they would have an iris sale. During our May visit we would write down the names of our favorites and in July we would buy the ones that were available. I gave my mom and grandma iris corms every year for their birthdays via IOUs. Many of them are still growing in the gardens they had at the time. My cousins live there now and call me every year to tell me they’re blooming. “Schiaparelli ” is everyone’s favorite if you ever have a chance to get one.

  3. adrienne says:

    Lovely! Hopefully I can get myself to Paris one of these days!

  4. I say, yes to the window trim! A lot of green here in my house! Thanks for taking us there!

  5. aprilneverends says:

    so beautiful

  6. Hilary says:

    Visited the south coast botanic garden in south at 2 weeks back with my son…beautiful place! So much family friendly things too from coy pond to ducks to a watering station for kids to water the plants.

  7. Why viiewers still usse to read news papers wwhen in this technological world
    everthing iis accessible on net?

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