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This Just In: Bolé Road’s Konso Collection


If you’ve been around The Jungalow for long, you’re probably already familiar with Bolé Road and their super pretty, colorful, really soft textiles. We’re big fans. Hana, the Brooklyn-based designer at the helm of Bolé Road, was born in Ethiopia and moved to North America with her family when she was a young child. She returned to her birthplace 18 years after leaving it, and came back with a new take on things “That journey back was a pivotal one. I knew I wanted to be more connected to Ethiopia. I wanted to be more involved in the lives of its people and to contribute to its development. I also wanted to harness the overwhelming beauty and power of my first homecoming. As the years passed, I decided the best way to do that was by sharing the traditions and culture of my heritage with others” Hana shares.


With that inspiration as the foundation, Hana works with weaving collectives and other women-owned small businesses in Ethiopia to bring designs, rooted in “concepts drawn from Ethiopia’s culture and natural beauty”, to life as Bolé Road pillows, curtains, table-linens, and throws. Their new Konso collection might be our favorite yet–all these saturated hues! These pillows would be perfect to mix in with vintage Kilim pillows, but they’ll totally hold their own too.


We loved reading about Hana’s inspiration for this collection: “The first inspiration for the Konso Collection came six years ago during my first trip to Southern Ethiopia. The south is a source of wonder and awe for any traveler as it houses a majority of the country’s 80-plus ethnic groups. I was mesmerized by Konso, easily one of the most breathtaking destinations of my travels in Ethiopia. What truly captured my eye and my heart was the dress of the local women, which was unlike anything I had seen in Ethiopia. The women wore flowing two-layered skirts, which come in two main styles – either with vibrant stripes or natural cotton adorned with a colorful trim. While working on this collection, I traveled again to Konso to capture the region’s textiles”.


To make some of these pillows your own, or read more about the process and story behind Bole Road check pop over to their site!

All images via Bolé Road. 

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  1. Wild Nettle says:

    Inspiring story and a beautiful design

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