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Jungalow #Shelfies





I’ve always loved rearranging bookshelves to make them reflect my personality. I also like to switch them up when I get bored…I rearrange my books and tchotchkies, add plants and flowers. I especially love cascading ‘spiller’ plants from the top shelves and putting quirky objects atop book stacks. Some of these shelves, like Dabito’s are taking this whole Jungalow Shelfie thing to the next level and making a veritable vertical gardens — and I love it!

Try refreshing your bookshelves by adding some potted plants to your shelves. No good natural light for plants to grow on  your shelves? Focus on plants that thrive in low light (often time tropical plants do well in lower light situations because they are used to living in the shaded rainforest). Give Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata) a try or the Lucky bamboo is always a great, option, too. When all else fails add some statement leaves that will last for a few weeks if you trim the stem and add fresh water every few days.

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

2 responses to “Jungalow #Shelfies”

  1. Rajrang says:

    Oh my goodness!! Love your idea of adding green plants and wooden accessories for these bookshelves decor. Simply gorgeous!

  2. Nell Foster says:

    Plants add so much to a space,both indoors & out. Where, & why, would we be without them! I always loved Sansevierias for their “spiky wackiness” & total ease of care. Beautiful shelf arrangements – visually inspiring as always! Nell

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