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2/4/16Perfect Pairs

Farrow and Ball, the 70 year old paint company, made a big announcement this week- they’ve added 9 new colors to their very carefully edited collection of 132 paint colors. From new neutrals to some very stunning deep greens, the new colors are fresh, but retain the timelessness that Farrow and Ball is known for. As we picked our favorites, we noticed many of the new colors pair perfectly with all the #WallpaperByJustina for Hygge & West!  Could Vardo– that stunning blue green above- be any more perfect for Aja Teal? It’s like they were made for each other!

The warm grey of Worsted plays nicely with the metallics of Cosmic Desert in Ebony. This combo is a great way to keep a room feeling bright and airy with the paint, while adding drama from the wallpaper.

The soft, almost avocado, Yeabridge Green compliments the lighter greens of Nana Jungle, and gives great contrast to the deeper tones.

Which combo would you choose? To see them all, head over to Farrow & Ball and Hygge & West.

Paint photos via Farrow & Ball. Wallpaper photos via Hygge & West.



Danae Horst Danae Horst

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5 responses to “Perfect Pairs”

  1. debra says:

    Love Farrow & Ball colors. Their pigments are naturally full of depth. Paired with your papers makes for a beautiful space! My fav is the Vardo No.288 and Aja Teal!

  2. Liv says:

    Beautiful colours & even more beautiful wallpapers! If only I could have them all…

  3. Paul says:

    I think they all look great, but I’m definitely really fond of Vardo No. 288 + Aja Teal

  4. Nikita says:

    Beautiful Post, love the designs

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