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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Symbols Part 2

PatternPlay_Symbols_PatternHello, it’s Jeanetta again, back with part 2 of this month’s Pattern Play on “Symbols”. Last week we learned about the importance of symbolism and it’s origins. For this week’s Pattern Play, I take the topic of symbols and interpret in my own way, creating loose shapes and icons for a fun pattern I am designing for a pillowcase. Here’s my process.

Watercolor paper
Gouache paint
– Paint brushes & water
– Scanner
– Photoshop

1. Using gouache and a brush begin by doodling shapes onto watercolor paper.
Tip: I used few colors knowing that I could change the colors easily in Photoshop later.


2. Fill up the sheet of paper with a variety of designs that you can pick and choose from.
Tip: Make shapes that are both line art and filled in with color such as squiggles, stripes, zigzags, stars and other shapes in different sizes.


3. Scan your sheet at a high resolution (I use 300 DPI). In Photoshop, brighten up and enhance the colors.


4. Select the individual shapes and drag (or copy and paste) onto a new document, arranging in a loose pattern layout.
Tip: When making the layout, vary the shapes in size, position and spacing by rotating, reflecting and duplicating them.


5. Continue to arrange the shapes and resize them and then change the colors to your liking. I chose teal, blue, yellow, orange, purple, gray and peach. I also used a Photoshop brush to draw in blue dots and dashed lines filling in the negative areas.
Tip: Using layer styles in Photoshop add color to each shape with a color overlay.


6. Here is the finished pattern!


7. Sometimes a repeat pattern isn’t required when applying the pattern to a product on a print on demand site. I created the pattern as a placement print in the final panel size and uploaded it to the site for printing. Here is the digital mock-up I received! I love getting these mock ups. You can really see your creations come to life!

PatternPlay_Symbols_PillowMeet me back here next week to see the final pillowcase and a fun twist we are putting on it!

Artwork ©2015 Jeanetta Gonzales
Photography by Kim Cruickshanks

Project by Jeanetta Gonzales for The Jungalow.
For more Jeanetta, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

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  1. Raquel says:

    Thank you. I wonder where I can make good quality items with design patterns. I live in Spain, do you know somewhere? Gracias. :)

  2. LA Picker says:

    Hey! Check out our new web series, “LA Picker”! http://bit.ly/1mGc6gO

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