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A Personalized Holiday with Instax + a Giveaway!


I love photography, I love instant gratification and I love personalizing everything–so I’m happy to be teaming up with FUJIFILM INSTAX® to come up with some holiday DIY ideas that satisfy all of those loves and will get the whole family involved too. First up? Our Instax mobile.


In my family, every year at Thanksgiving we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. This photo mobile is an extension of that concept. We thought that the mobile could include pictures of things we’re thankful for — and before the dinner friends and family can snap photos and add to it. It’s always nice to have little activities going on at these gatherings, yes?


This would also be a fun idea for a bridal or baby shower, birthday parties, and of course, Christmas or Hanukkah too. Here’s how to make the mobile:

You’ll need:

2 embroidery hoops, 10″ and 14″ in diameter
Yarn (we chose white roving with gold leafing)
Bakers twine
Mini clothes pins
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Instax camera + film / Instax printer + film

Here’s what you do:

1. Separate the two parts of the embroidery hoops- we’re just using the inner hoop without the hardware for this project.

2. Tightly wrap each hoop with the yarn. When you get to the end, tie the two yarn ‘tails’ together and double knot. Trim any excess.

3. Decide how much space you want between the two levels of the mobile- we used about 10 inches- add an extra inch to your measurement and cut 3 lengths of baker’s twine. Depending on where you’ll be hanging your mobile, measure how long the twine suspending it needs to be- add an extra inch to that measurement as well and cut another 3 lengths of twine. Set twine aside.

4. Cut lengths of twine to suspend your photos from. You can do as many as you need, just make sure you have enough to balance the weight around the hoop. Vary the length of each piece to keep things visually interesting. Using a hot glue gun, secure the top of one side of the mini clothes pins to the end of each piece of twine. Set aside to cool.

5. Now it’s time to assemble the mobile! Start by placing the twine with the attached clothes pins around the larger (bottom) hoop. Tie them on by parting the wrapped yarn slightly, tying a double knot, and then squishing the yarn back together to hide the knot. Space them evenly around the hoop and alternate the lengths so it looks good.

6. Next, attach the two hoops together with the twine you already cut. Start by tying loose knots around each hoop so you can see where the best balanced spot is. Once it seems balanced, tie a double knot like you did in step 5.

7. Finish the assembly by attaching the twine that will suspend the mobile. Again, tie loose knots around the smaller (top) hoop and play with the placement until it’s balanced and will hang level, then make the double knots as in steps 5 & 6. Tie the three pieces of twine together in a knot at the top, trim the ends, and it’s ready to hang! We used a small c-hook screwed into the ceiling to hang ours over the table.

Now, as your guests arrive they can take their photos and clip them on to the mobile!


Next up is this super simple (and sweet) way to make personalized place-cards for your guests. Here’s how:

You’ll need:
Instax printer + film
Mini birch rounds
Small hand saw
Permanent marker

Here’s what you do:
1. Stalk your friends’ Instagrams and find their best selfie.
2. Print it out on the Instax printer.
3. Using a small hand saw, saw a slit in the center of the mini birch round, large enough to hold the Instax photo. Be careful not to cut all the way through the birch.
4. Write name (or message) on the bottom of the photo.
5. Place photo on plate and watch your guests gush at the cuteness.


Our last project was really fun to make. It’s a 2016 Instax Calendar that we’ve designed just for you and made available as a free downloadable situation. Take photos of your kids, your friends, or print out pictures from your friends’ Instagrams, and paste them to the calendar. Then give it as a holiday gift, keep it for yourself– or both! For full instructions and to download the calendar go here.


And in case you’re thinking, OK great, but I don’t have an Instax camera — I’ve got some happy news! We’re giving away two Instax packages today! Two winners will receive $500 worth of Instax goodies, including:

-Mini 90 camera
-Mini 8 camera
-Instax Share printer
-Decorative pegs to display photos around the house
-Frame stickers

To enter to win just visit our new board on Pinterest and leave a comment here saying one thing you’d love to do with your Instax. For bonus entries, share on social networks and leave the link to your posts in the comments below (up to 4 bonus entries per person). Two winners will be chosen at random. Sorry, but this giveaway is open to residents of the US only. Giveaway will close Wed. Nov. 18th at 9AM PST. Woohoo! Good luck.

This post was created in partnership with FUJIFILM INSTAX®. All ideas and opinions are my own. Woot woot.
Photography by Danae Horst for The Jungalow. 


*Comments are now closed. The randomly generated giveaway winners are: SARA N and Katie Basile! We will be in touch to send you your Instax!!

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

186 responses to “A Personalized Holiday with Instax + a Giveaway!”

  1. Dana says:

    I’d love to be able to have an Instax on set to snap BTS shots for my latest hairstyles, editorials, and experiences to save and mural in my inspirational boards!

  2. Caitlyn says:

    I would love this to capture the holidays with my new baby and all the firsts to come.

  3. Peyton says:

    I would give the Instax to my boyfriend because I’m thankful for him & his love of photography!

  4. Gina says:

    I’d love to have an instead to capture holiday moments spent with my family! We’ve been apart for a year. I can’t wait for all of us to get together and share stories with each other.

  5. I would love to use the instax at open houses, I’m in homes every day and it would be a fun tool for my clients.

  6. Tina Abbott says:

    I’m planning to use photos as Christmas gift labels this year. These toys would make it even more fun!

  7. Nicole Huckins says:

    I’d love to let my kids use it to take pictures of things they find while out in the woods by our house.

  8. Tina Abbott says:

    Posted to my Pinterest Holiday board here, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/270990102555697608/

  9. Tyler says:

    I would love to take this on my solo travels and stay off my phone more!


  10. Misha Gil says:

    I would be giving this prize to my daughter! She has been wanting one of theses cameras forever. Would fill my heart to see her face light up!

  11. Melanie says:

    Love that these are back! So much fun. Thanks for sharing the tablescape idea Justina.

  12. Gioia says:

    I would love to keep it in my bag and start taking pictures with it instead of always pulling out my phone!

  13. Sherry says:

    i love using them to journal while on vacation.

  14. I’d bring it home to Newport, RI for Christmas…my first one back east in over 10 years!! Hometown holidays with the family captured on film…what could be better? ❤️

  15. Julia Z says:

    Would love to use the Instax to create the mobile for apartment decorations!

  16. Sarah Howard says:

    I want the 8 for my daughter. We are taking her to Disney for her birthday in January and want her to be able to capture the magic from her 6 year old vantage point. The size is perfect for small hands and the instant photos that she can slip into an album will make her feel like she was in control start to finish. The 90 would be for me. I do a series of photos of my kids titled #benchseries and print from IG to paper in a format that looks like instant prints then hang them by clips and string in open frames. This would be an awesome alternative. Xx

  17. Jessie says:

    I would love to use the Instax to create custom gift tags for my family for the holidays. Personalized and creative: a win/win!

  18. Christy Xandrick says:

    Hey Justina!
    I’d use the camera to create some amazing wall art to cover our bare apartment walls! That would be so awesome!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    We have a DIY tree this year as we will be mid-move and all our ornaments will be in boxes! So we’ll be stringing up who-know-what on the tree: leaves and berries, and wrapping paper that we’ll make snowflakes out of. Would be really fun to have a family photo shoot with the Instax and use that for ornaments!

  20. Becky Billman says:

    I would LOVE an Instax camera to take with me on all of my travels and adventures so that I could plaster my bedroom wall with all of the beautiful moments that I captured with it! :D

  21. Lilja says:

    I would take photos with my nieces and nephew and teach them the joys of instant photography

  22. Jessica Hankins says:

    I would love to win an Instax camera, so that I can leave a tangible image with my clients at the end of our photo sessions. :)

  23. Imperfecta says:

    I’d love to use the Instax to capture an analog lookbook for my handmade jewelry line, ‘imperfecta’.

    Each piece is unique with beautiful imperfections that creates a one of a kind look. I think photographing the pieces with Instax film would be a perfect match to capture the imperfections without the use filters or photoshop, but to showcase their raw beauty.

  24. Monica O says:

    I’d love the Instax to help me slow down and document my fast-paced life in New York City!

  25. Poliana says:

    These place cards are so sweet! I would love to make them for Thanksgiving and use the camera to take endless pics of my 1 year old son and coming soon baby!!!

  26. Kristen Mast says:

    I’d love an instax camera to capture all of the holiday memories with my family!

  27. Titi says:

    I’d love add some fun pictures to my bedroom. The area above the tv is so bare! It’d be nice to look up and see personal pictures of friends, family, and places I love.

  28. Karen says:

    I love to send odd things in letters and cards. How fun would it be to send a tiny photo along?

  29. Maria says:

    I would love to take pictures of all the beautiful faces in my life!

  30. Erica says:

    I’d love to take some family and friend pictures and hang them from braches along our hallways

  31. Brooke says:

    I would use the Instax camera while visiting my host family in Colombia for Christmas. Each person (and the family is huge!) would have to take a picture and leave a message on the back for me to create an album of our multicultural misunderstandings, I mean memories!

  32. Mehreen says:

    Such a lovely giveaway! I’ve been a photographer for a while now, and I love how photos never fail to commemorate those magic little moments, right? Photography is all about making those wonderful fleeting moments stick around for just a bit longer. I’d use this little darling to create little bits of pixel wonder to tuck into love letters to my tribe, to leave something pretty on the windshield of my 85 year old neighbor’s car every now and then, and to, simply put, capture and make tangible those magic little moments. <3


  34. Ella says:

    I would love to capture the beautiful adventures of life. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a cool little party, or just a nice car ride, it’s always fun to look back at photos and remember the adventures that life throws at you!

  35. Anna says:

    Capturing the beautiful little things around me, that usually go unnoticed, is something I try to do daily through words or photos on my phone. It really is a magnifient way to live, constantly looking for beauty around you, and it would be so much easier to do when you can snap a picture and have a physical copy immediately available. So many albums would be made with photos that commemorate the happiest moments that are soon forgotten after they happen, the backyard parties with all the fairy lights, the sky when it looks like a watercolor painting, the flowers that bloom every spring and the leaves that fall every autumn, the laughter and the happy tears.

  36. I’d make Christmas ornaments out of them!

  37. Kat says:

    I’d love to have an Instagram to capture the special moments with our new baby especially during her first year! I love hosting parties and it would be great to have mini photo booths using my new instax at every party!

  38. Kat says:

    I’d love to have an Instax to capture the special moments with our new baby especially during her first year! I also love hosting parties so it would be great to use the instax for mini photo booths at every party!

  39. natasha says:

    I’d love to make a “family” wall for my kids so that all of our family is visually represented. We are scattered all over the place but we will see each other during the holidays so I could capture their smiling mugs with the instax. It would so it would be nice to see their faces every day.–and so much easier than trying to remember to print out digital pictures (which I never do!)

  40. Kristina says:

    I really want to take some unique pictures of the family this holiday season, not just with my phone!!

  41. Erin says:

    These sharp shooters would help me track the growth and evolution of my personal jungle, and my adventures in the back country!

  42. Andrea M says:

    I would make little books of family members and give them to my young nieces and nephews to capture the memories that they may not remember when they’re older.

  43. Adelaide says:

    I would love to make a funky advent calendar with the mini photos for the upcoming Christmas season!

  44. Mary Ann says:

    I love taking pictures anytime my family is together on the instax I have. They are always such great memories to share!

  45. Susan K says:

    All flowers. All the time. It’s sort of an obsession…but a beautiful one.

  46. I’d love to use this as an alternative to the guestbook for our winter 2016 wedding.

  47. Paige says:

    My sister Peyton should win…..her photos are wonderful and capture memories instead of things!

  48. Sara N says:

    I would like to do an instant project with strangers in the street – people of different background, people that speaks different languages… A way of instantly capturing these people and to hear their stories, to let them capture a feeling, to portrait us – human kind. With the printer the people I meet can print their own photos and we’ll create an instant gallery. One love. :) xx

  49. Julia says:

    I would use this to snap a photo of my clients when I see them after birth. I’m a doula/photographer and would use this to instantly show my mamas how beautiful they are.

  50. Julia says:

    I would use this to snap a photo of my clients when I see them after birth. I’m a doula/photographer and would use this to instantly show my mamas how beautiful they are. So many more ideas too!

  51. Pamela Smith says:

    I would love this for so many reasons! Most of all to share with my daughter to capture all the special moments of my grandsons life.

  52. Awesome giveaway Justina! I use Instax to create memory books for my kids, and encourage them to use it. Love the new camera, and I’ve been coveting that printer for a while now. Fingers crossed. ;)

  53. Bekah Mcleod says:

    I’d love to try your holiday DIY ideas!! Been wanting one of these cameras for awhile :)

  54. Annika Ostrom says:

    I would love to use the instax to recreate old photos of my family . I would also use them to take pictures of one of my best friend’s favorite places around Austin and send them to her while she is across the country at college. Instant and small are my two favorite ways to have my pictures, so I would love to have this Instax stuff!

  55. allison says:

    I would take some shoots of trees!

  56. Holly says:

    Agghhh, the memories! I’d run around snapping photos of everything like when my parents let me loose at summer camp with an instant camera :)

  57. Jacqui says:

    Definitely would use the new cameras and film for memorable holiday photos!

  58. Courtney says:

    I used the instax cam at my recent wedding to create a photo guestbook! It’s a favorite from our big day :) I’d love to have a camera of my own to create more memories down the road!

  59. Mary Jane says:

    The instax cam is so fun to use as a party starter…..taking pictures as guest arrive and then to send home with them as a reminder of the great evening……but the list goes on and on really! What a cool giveaway for the holiday season ahead!

  60. Hello Justina! Such a fun way to share memories during the holidays. I am a food blogger and would love the chance to win the Instax cam, because I could create instant photos and share with friends and family for the holidays. Also, I have realized that around my apartment, it almost seems empty because I don’t have any personal photos hanging around. I would love to create memories with my amazing boyfriend and our goofy walker hound Abby and pin the Instax pictures up on the walls. Thank you so much for this giveaway! Best wishes to you and your family!

  61. Angela says:

    We love entertaining with one of these cameras or printers we could easily capture those memories & display them.

  62. Erin Sagadin says:

    I would love to let my boys take pictures of what they love! Seeing things form my kids’ point of view is always so cool. I love all these ideas for personalizing the holidays. I’m totally making this calendar for my mom! Thank you for sharing, Justina!

  63. Eva says:

    This camera would be fun to snap pics to put in my baby’s memory book!

  64. Katie Basile says:

    I would love to create a mobile for our new baby! Due in Feb 2016.

  65. Sarah Scott says:

    I’m big on planning, organizing and lists so this post has me swooning over your lovely personalized calender idea! I would love to make something like this, filled with loved ones, for every year.


  66. Sarah Scott says:

    The instax-mobile is the absolute cutest thing!


  67. Sarah Scott says:

    I have a feeling my mom is going to copy this placeholder idea for the Holidays… :p


  68. May says:

    i would love this to use as gift tags for presents!

  69. Adrienne says:

    So cool! I would use this to make a family collage of our holiday photos!

  70. Lan says:

    I would love to have a mini 90 to try the double exposure mode.

  71. Priya Patel says:

    I would love to capture snowy Munich, during our Christmas trip to Germany! Danke!

  72. Priya Patel says:

    I would love to capture snowy Munich, during our Christmas trip to Germany! Danke!

  73. Priya Patel says:

    I would love to capture snowy Munich, during our Christmas trip to Germany! Danke!

  74. Shellie says:

    I’ve been daydreaming about this Instax camera for years! If I had an Instax, I would document the beautiful parts of my city and travels to make a wall of Instax in the style they did on abeautifulmess.com – have been drooling over that wall for so long!

  75. M says:

    I’d love to document my sweet family and friends in my beautiful home town!

  76. Allegra says:

    I would love to print out all my favorite instagram snaps and create a mini gallery wall inside my closet.

  77. Kathleen says:

    I would love to use it to document the holidays (my favorite time of year!) and create a banner of Instax photos for new, personalized holiday decor!

  78. Kayley says:

    I’d love to take holiday pics that I can give directly to my loved ones.

  79. Julie says:

    I’m loving that calendar – and also thinking how fun it would be to make stationery for the relatives by gluing instax prints to stationery.

  80. Erin Walter says:

    I would love an Instax camera to reactivate my love for photography while I photograph my latest DIY creations for a new blog/shop.

  81. Haley says:

    Love this mobile! I’d probably do some small photo wall for my daughter of our nature walks. It’s our favorite part of our day and she loves to talk about them, but I always forget to print out pictures for her.

  82. Carolina says:

    I would love to give my artistic tween daughter the Instax to document her life and make fun projects with the images! It is just the right size for her and suitably “cool” looking!

  83. colleen says:

    I would love to use these to create a client wall of fame in my new business. So fun to see all the past people that we have helped… and maybe grab some “before they were famous” shots eventually!

  84. Bee says:

    I would love to use the Instax for sharing prints with family and friends especially with the kids in my life who associate pictures with being on a camera phone screen!

  85. Allison says:

    I’d definitely use it to make a mobile (or maybe a wall hanging with cord, cute clips, and photos) with my daughters! They would LOVE EVERY BIT of making it, and it would be a perfect project for winter break.

  86. Libby says:

    How fun! Ok, I would love to use my Instax to take lots of photos of my dog and my cat. <3

  87. Carolien says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. I’d love to have that for our christmas party this year and wow the kids with pictures of everybody.

  88. Kendra says:

    I’d use the Instax to make a festive photo garland to hang with paper snowflakes hung between each photo.

  89. julie says:

    big year ahead- would love to take weekly shots epitomizing the adventures & challenges ahead with my boyfriend!

  90. elizabeth says:

    Q: how great would it be to make personalized gift tags for everyone this year?
    A: super great.

  91. Andi says:

    I’d love it to capture my son’s first holidays!!! We are SO excited!

  92. Heidi B says:

    I would love an Instax for fun spontaneous documentation of gatherings with family and friends. And for when Baby Biersner gets here on Februrary!

  93. Heidi B says:

    (Accidentally misspelled my email for the last comment!) I would love an Instax for fun spontaneous documentation of gatherings with family and friends. And for when Baby Biersner gets here on Februrary!

  94. Jeanette R. says:

    I would take pictures of family, plants and doggies and place on fridge. Oh, and for parties too!

  95. Alix Martin says:

    to replace my polaroid (RIP) at parties and while babysitting my niece & nephew (little kids are amazed by instant film)!

  96. Jamie says:

    I’d let my son use it!!

  97. Taylor says:

    I would LOVE to have an Instax to make teensy ornaments and a tiny photo book for my toddler who loves to look at pictures (of himself) :)

  98. Amy says:

    Pictures of family, friends, and holiday decor! What more does a person need?! And eventually of our wedding :)

  99. Annaliese Neale says:

    I live a few states away from my family and so we truly cherish our two visits each year. We always take advantage of our time together and try to squeeze in as much fun and quality time as possible. I would love to be able to print pictures for everyone to help keep the memories alive for when we are apart.

  100. Summer says:

    Instax instant camera, in my opinion, is the most unique way to capture moments just about anywhere but friends giving is the next event that will definitely be worth capturing! I shared on Pinterest too! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87820261462125491/

  101. Emma says:

    This holiday season, I would love to capture photos of the love my family and I share, and give them the instant works of art.

  102. Julien says:

    I want to make a scrapbook with instax photos for my son’s first birthday!!

  103. Kiara says:

    I would love to use the Instax to do my first DIY post on my blog for a decorative piece for my dorm room, and just for other blog content as well!

  104. Maya Shaw says:

    Oh man oh man! It’s almost Christmas time and how cool would this be to take Christmas card photos with!!! Just wonderful!

  105. I would love to bring my instax mini along for a beach clean up with @sustainablecoastlineshawaii, to share pictures instantly taken with the volunteers, showing their hard work, and capturing a beautiful memory of their initiative!

  106. Jackie Arevalo says:

    I would use the instax to document my very first road trip!

  107. Sharla says:

    I moved far away from my family this year. I’d like to make little photo books to send them!

  108. melissa lee says:

    i’d take pictures of my beautiful kids :)

  109. Ana vides says:

    I’d like to make a mobile to hang over my changing table area to keep my seven month old from rolling off. Preventing trips to the ER. Sadly he rolled off two days ago and we ended up going to the ER after he was throwing up. I think some entertainment above him would keep him looking up.

  110. Amy Hendricks says:

    I would love an instant camera to use in my first ever apartment! It would be great to have any and all visitors snap a photo that I could place on a small wall near my kitchen, almost like a yearbook of everyone. I would also like to use it to make little placeholders when having dinner parties, and of course take TONS Of pictures of dogs! The opportunities really seem endless….

  111. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would use it to take pictures of my pets.

  112. Ashley says:

    I would love to have one so that I can capture the spontaneous moments of my children just like I used to with a Polaroid.

  113. I would love to get this camera for my sister and I. We would use it and it’s awesomeness to capture as much beauty we can see for our new and amazing website that is aimed at sharing all things beautiful and awesome http://www.elizalamour.com.

  114. Joanna says:

    I would love to take pictures to send to friends and family during the holidays.

  115. Kirbi Eckerty says:

    I would love to take pictures to fill up my old fridge and make it less of an eye sore. They would also be great to drop in the mail to send to our out of state relatives.

  116. Christina says:

    I would use the instax camera snap pictures of my family, friends.. and make a collage on my wall. What’s more lovely than seeing all my love everyday i go home!

  117. I make a family calendar for my 83- year-old Mom each year and give it to her for Christmas. Our whole family will be together for Christmas this year so it would be fabulous to have a new camera to take pictures to use for the 2016 calendar.

  118. Kirsten says:

    Hi! I’d love to use an Instax for instant photos during fun adventures! It’s so easy to forget to print photos and it’d be great to be able to write where the photos were taken on the bottom of the picture.

    Shared on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/67765169370949928/

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  119. Ayesha Meriweather says:

    I would use the camera for a photo booth at thanksgiving + christmas

  120. Hanna says:

    I’d use the photos as holiday cards.

  121. Eunice says:

    I am in love with photography, and was wishing to get a polaroid film camera to treasure memories instantly by the moment. I would take the camera as an encouragement to cherish my passion for photography in midst of a hectic, creativity-hindering life.

  122. Vero M says:

    I love your picture mobile idea. I have been taking picture of by baby daughter and this would be perfect to add to that collection. Thanks!

  123. Erin says:

    Love the calendar idea!

    I’ve been working a lot with both clay and stitching, so I’d probably make some Instax photo size frames out of air dry clay, adhere magnets to the back and give them as stocking stuffers to loved ones. I’ll probably include a photo of them with my sweet two year old daughter to give them a lasting memory!

    Next I’d probably try to stitch something (the date maybe?) in the white space of the photo…not sure if that would work, but I’d sure like to try! :)

  124. Madelyn says:

    Hi – What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. :]

    I would like to use the Instax to document my first trip to South America. My mom is originally from Colombia, so this will be a very special family visit. I would love to capture moments with family, my fiancé, and new experiences.

  125. Natalie says:

    I would love to use the Instax in my classroom. I teach an enthusiastic class of 4 & 5 year olds who are very inquisitive and creative. I would love to give them the opportunity to use the camera for projects, fieldtrips, and daily activities. They are fascinated with retro/classic items such as typewriters, old-school phones, and cameras given that , especially through their eyes. I think they would have such a fun time taking photos with the cameras and taking ownership of all their images.

  126. Mirian says:

    Such great ideas your posted. I will have to try these.

  127. Elaine says:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! I recently got into scrapbooking so I’d love to document little everyday joys, in addition to big things like travels. I think it will help me be more mindful and appreciative of everything and everyone around me <3

  128. I would love to use the instax to snap travel pics all during the holidays! Then make one of those awesome mobiles. Fantastic giveaway! :)

  129. Jennifer Torres says:

    I would love to be able to make up a scrapbook for my grandma similar to the ones she has from back when she was younger.

  130. Shiana Love says:

    id love to bring my instax everywhere and anywhere. id love instant photos to share with family and friends. fun for the holidays to make a cute scrapbook.

  131. Jessica Aguilera says:

    I just got my first Instax camera for my birthday from my boyfriend. I honestly love taking Polaroids of him, capturing every perfect and beautiful moment and feature of him. I don’t really care that all my film goes to taking pictures of my cat and my bf, but it does cost $ for film, sometimes its hard saving money for new film but always so worth it to see the moments I’ve captured. Photography is part of my life and I love sharing my memories with others.

  132. Kate says:

    I just moved to Bushwick and would love to use this to document my adventures in Brooklyn and send instant pictures in the mail to my family to show them what I am up to! Would be a fun way to keep them up to date on my life in the city

  133. Shannon F. says:

    I would give this to my step-daughter and hope that she uses it to catch great family memories! :)

    I LOVE the place card idea though!

  134. Lesly E says:

    I would love to have this so I can capture moments with my friends and family during the holidays.. it also would be cool to have as a surprised present since my birthday is in December!

  135. Olivia G says:

    As a self taught photographer on a budget I’ve been eyeing the Instax for a while now. I’d love one to add a personal touch and a tangible keepsake from my photoshoots to my subjects. It’s also a great first step into analog photography, as I am only working with digital at the moment.

  136. Leslie S. says:

    i love the mobile idea! I would also love to use an instax to create a big photo wall in my house!

  137. kem duong da says:

    Lua chon kem duong da phu hop

  138. Jennifer N says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest! I would use an Instax to take pics of my family, garden and home. I would also take it to work & capture my wonderful nurse co-workers and post the pics into the break room.

  139. Kahala Marr says:

    I would love to win an instax so that i could start taking more pictures of my daughters so i can make photo books to show them how much they change as they grow up.

  140. I’m going to be honest with you… Based on my current photo taking habits, there would probably be lots of photos of my adorable cats! But maybe I would also remember to snap pictures of family moments too ;)

  141. Victoria says:

    I would love to use this new Instax to take pictures of all the new people I’ve been meeting lately. I have been visiting retirement homes and homeless shelters to document the forgotten faces, and what better way to do so than with an Instax and to make a collage with it on my wall! :)

  142. jr says:

    i’ve been wanting to get this camera, so thanks for the opportunity to win!

    i’ll be moving soon, to a new city by myself, and i would love to use these cameras as a tool help me find and connect the places and things that catch my eye- to map and build a new personal visual landscape.

  143. Elera marie Joaquin says:

    I would really love to have a instax to have instant print of my upcoming adventures and priceless smiles of people around me! <3

  144. Zoe Y says:

    With the instax I would love to create photos of animals and make it into a polaroid wall of animals. My pinterest is llamazoee

  145. Tiffany C says:

    I would love to DIY a wall decor for my college dorm filled with my instax photos of my family and friends for the upcoming year!

  146. Tiffany C says:

    And here is my social media post:


    I cannot begin to explain how much I would love to win a fujifilm instax mini 90. I have researched, saved, and searched for two years. Good luck to everyone! ^^

  147. Becca says:

    The instax would be such a great way to capture my first holiday with my new family. Thanks for the contest!

  148. I would love to do something creative or a great DIY with the great pictures or wonderful moments i captured with my Instax. Not only for myself but i think a great photo can be both a DIY and a gift at fhe same time for someone else special. :)

  149. Bethany says:

    I would love to use this for travel and for clients. As a musician/ poet/ photographer this would only expand what my business can do. When I shoot weddings, family portraits, senior portraits etc, I can give them an instant image as well to keep as they wait for their edited packages. As a singer/songwriter/poet, I would capture an image in the moment for my fans/audience as well as when the lyrics/poems were written, I’d capture an image in time as the inspiration hits. Ive been working toward saving to buy one of these for awhile now. just haven’t had the proper time to get the hook up! Thanks for the opportunity!! xx Bethany

  150. Kate says:

    I would love to use this to document my first winter living in New York City and then sending the instant pictures in the mail to my family to show them little moments of my life, since I do not get to see them very often and it would be a fun way to keep in touch!

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