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This Just In: Living Art from Pistils Nursery

Pistils Nursery | The JungalowNo matter where we find ourselves, we’re always on the hunt for cool plant shops, and in Portland, Pistils Nursery fits the bill. This gorgeous shop is full of amazing (and sometimes hard-to-find) plants, handmade gifts, and rad living art. Even better? They have an online shop, so all of us who don’t live in Portland can still get our hands on the planties!

pistils nursery - kokedama shelf | Pistils Nursery | The Jungalow We’re especially taken with their living art line– plants turned art is totally our jam. Their kokedama, which is a form of Japanese bonsai where the plant roots are bound and wrapped in moss, look amazing on a shelf displayed on those little dishes — and if you wrap ’em in some string, they would make the coolest hanging garden — perfect for a room tight on space. Pistil’s also carries air plants, and mounted stag horn ferns, epiphytes, and cacti. We’re thinking a living gallery wall is in order- right?

Pistils Nursery - How to water a staghorn fern | The JungalowAs if all of this plantastic-ness wasn’t enough- Pistils blog is full of helpful information about taking care of all the plants they sell. From watering, to potting, landscaping, and even propagating, they’ll talk you through questions like “But, how do I water this crazy plant that’s growing on a board?” and “Why do my air plants keep dying?”. We’ve already picked up a few tips ourselves!

We always say the best way to add life to any space is to add plants, and Pistils has some seriously neat-o options to make that happen- all through the magic of the internet.

All photos via Pistils Nursery.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely feature! We’re so honored to see our shop up on your beautiful blog.

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