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Boom Boom Boom Gallery Wall

Frambridge | The Jungalow

I am really used to seeing my photos in teeny, tiny squares. I am really not used to seeing my photos printed, matted, framed and hanging in my space. So when I got an email from Framebridge asking if I wanted to work together, I got very excited–and then I got nervous. Most of my photography is done on my phone. Would the resolution be high enough? What would the quality be like? What would I pick to be printed and framed??

I’ve had things framed in the past for clients and even for myself and know how expensive it can be, so I was really excited to find an alternative that seemed both affordable and quick. The next day I started to explore the site. There are A LOT of frame choices–gold, silver, bamboo, burl wood…so I started playing around. Framebridge accepts art in 3 ways: send stuff in via snail mail, upload images directly from a computer, or get stuff printed and framed directly from Instagram.


So where to begin? With color, I suppose. Since I wanted to create a gallery wall in my studio, I decided to go all jungalow and stick to a botanical theme. And since the colors in my studio tend towards the pastel (think #BotanicalsOnBlush), I picked photography that fit within that color scheme.

One thing that made this whole process a lot easier is that when I uploaded my images to Framebridge, the sizes conformed automatically to the size of the file so I didn’t have to worry about receiving a beautifully framed blurry photo in the mail. Sweet. Also, I could preview the photo in all the different frames with or without mattes, so I was actually able to pull all the previews fom Framebridge into photoshop and design my gallery wall before I even ordered it. Double sweet. This took out any guessing. I created the above mock-up so that I could see what the different frames looked like together, which pieces I like with mattes and which I liked without, and play around with size, too. Between choosing the images, uploading them and picking frames, mattes and sizes, and placing the order the whole process took me about an hour. That’s contrasted to the days and days it’s taken me in the past to create gallery walls for clients.

One week later, three boxes arrived at my doorstop. I really appreciated the packing job. The frames were secure, but more than one frame was fit into each box, so there wasn’t an excess of cardboard or any terrible styrofoam peanuts or anything.


Each piece came with hardware for hanging up, and within fifteen minutes, my gallery wall was done. Talk about boom boom boom.

Frambridge | The Jungalow

I was so pleased with the process and the outcome that I actually went back to Framebridge later that week and ordered more framed prints! I got some smaller framed pieces and some minis (from my Instagram pics) to give as gifts to friends of the Jungalow. I often have a hard time finding gifts that are personal, affordable and (hopefully) something that friends will actually love and use and I thought that this was kinda perfect.


And now the really good news. They gave me a promo code! Frambridge is extending 20% off their first Framebridge order to all friends of the Jungalow. Just include JUSTINA20 at checkout. The code expiries 1/31/16.

Seriously, this was so fun and easy, perfect for finally decorating that bare wall or hallway, or for gift ideas for friends and family. Also, it’s very cool to take my art off of the screen an into a real, live place for me to enjoy. I know I’m gonna have fun moving these all over the place and using them in all kinds of projects and vignettes!

Cactus By JustinaBlakeney

And as a last little bonus, I’m also offering up this cactus photograph (which is one of my favorites!) for you to add to your gallery wall.  Feel free to download it and get a framed print made of it for your home if you’d like to bring home a little piece of The Jungalow! (Click image to view in full resolution).

This post was created in partnership with Framebridge. All opinions are my own. Photography by Danae Horst.  Last photo by Justina Blakeney. 

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

10 responses to “Boom Boom Boom Gallery Wall”

  1. Andi says:

    Amazingness! I love Framebridge!!!

  2. Melanie says:

    Fun stuff! Great idea to give as gifts too.

  3. jessica says:

    Loving this rug!! Been looking for something in the same color way for my daughters room. Do you recall the source?!?

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      It’s vintage :( sorrry — it is an unusual colorway for a fleatweave kilim. Have you tried Kaya Kilims ? They always get new stuff in and sometimes have more pastel-y colors.

  4. Evie says:

    Thank you! ❤️

  5. Emily says:

    Love this! Gallery walls are something I always go for! Im an interior designer and I love to give walls of inspiration to homes and you really nailed it on this one! Go girl! enlightenedbyem.com

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