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Amazing Anastasia

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

A few months back my friends at Loloi recently shared their Anastasia collection with me and asked if I’d like to participate in a styling competition. Um, did somebody say COMPETITION?? Well, despite the fact that I had just moved into a new home and had also just checked out of my studio space in search of something closer to the new house, I felt I could not refuse an opportunity to engage in a friendly lit-tle competition with some fellow design bloggers. I am, after all an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, a ram..and definitely enjoy the occasional head-butting with my peers. Also, the winner of the competition gets to donate $1000 to the charity of their choice–so alongside a nice stroke-of-the-ego, if I win, I get to donate some serious cash to the Earth Island Institute.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

For my rug I picked the Light Blue/Mist rug and I got a couple of Loloi throw pillows, too. Next, with most of my belongings still in storage, I had to figure out where I was going to shoot this thing.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

I ended up borrowing an apartment in Silverlake that belongs to my friend/manager Kim. She’s got great taste, but her style is definitely more streamlined than mine. So, on top of her pretty traditional sofa and coffee table, I had to layer on the boho. The rug has a very beachy feel to it, so I decided to pump up the volume with indigo accents. We pulled out pretty much everything blue out of our storage unit and went to town. Next I layered in some potted plants, and statement leaves, lending a coastal, boho vibe to the room.  The fringe-tastic pillows and my new flea-market find lady painting (I still have to name her) helped to turn up the quirk.


Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

What I love about the Anastasia collection is that the rugs can really fit any style. Be it a traditional, boho or modern room, the rug allows for flexibility in style and adds a soft (but not boring) first layer. Also, this is seriously one of the softest rugs I’ve ever stepped on–it’s like velvet meets a baby’s booty.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

So now that you’ve heard my spiel and seen the room–now comes the part where I ask you to go VOTE for your favorite space, namely MINE ;) (although I think Orlando and Kate may give me a run for my money…I hope they picked good charities :D.) Now all I have to do is decide where to put the rug in the jungalow ;).

Photography by Danae Horst.
This post was created in partnership with Loloi. All opinions are my own.

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

21 responses to “Amazing Anastasia”

  1. Melanie says:

    Turned out lovely!!! You’ve got my vote!

  2. Felicia says:

    I definitely love yours the most and you have my vote! I feel like your look has the most pizzazz, love it!

  3. STACEY says:

    Just voted! Love everything about your space!

  4. Evie says:

    Of course you got my vote! Loved your space!

  5. kendra says:

    love it! where did your friend buy that couch? ♡

  6. kendra says:

    … and i loved your room the most, definitely. voted!

  7. Leyla Donald hachani says:

    My favorite by no doubt! lovely style and colors!!! voted!!

  8. Charisse says:

    I voted for you when I saw your name and living room, but I thought, hey this is not “The Jungalow”. So I had to come to your site to make sure this was really you and if you had changed up your style.

    Glad to see you borrowed your friends apartment.

    But be clear this was the only room that spoke to me(and I voted for) as I am Boho at heart and love the styling of this room, but I knew it was not the Jungalow that I have grown to love.

    I have every picture I have ever found of the Jungalow in it’s many different transformations, saved on my drive. And this one is joining the others.

    Definitely love that flea market picture also!

  9. ingrid says:

    You NAILED IT! I just want to put everything on that rug and haul it out to my apartment. :o)

  10. Valeria says:

    Love the room. Where are the blue pillows and the curtains from?

  11. Kim says:

    Thank you for making my living room so wonderfully Jungalicious!!!

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  13. Cori says:

    This room came out perfect! Definitely earned my vote. Where is the multi-colored center lumbar pillow from? The one with the diamond pattern and stripes?

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