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8/10/15This Just In: Marijke Buurlage


Do you ever see a painting, photograph, or illustration that’s so inviting you just want to live in it? When Marijke Buurlage‘s work first came across our desks at The Jungalow, we were immediately transported into her colorful and graphic world!


Marijke, who hails from, and is based in, the Netherlands, describes her illustrations as “vibrant, light-hearted, and playful” and we agree. Many of her pieces are so very Jungalow- featuring plants, pattern, color, and travel themes. Don’t you just want to stroll around her little village in Greece?


All images via Marijke Buurlage. 


Danae Horst Danae Horst

Total Plant Geek. Check out my botanical shop and design firm, Folia Collective.

3 responses to “This Just In: Marijke Buurlage”

  1. Yes, this vibe is so you. Beautiful and fun. I love the colors and the scenes, like little stories. Love her work.

  2. ingrid says:

    WOW! LOVE all these prints! the colors in each tickle my pupils! :o)

  3. Digital Magic Signs says:

    WOW! Love these awesome graphic prints, they are so lively!

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