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Rustic Mexican Bathroom Amazingness-Get the look.


I just back back from a family trip to Mexico–more on that soon, but first I want to share this breathtaking bathroom I stumbled upon in Mazatlan at a shop called Casa Antigua.  I shot the bathroom on-the-fly so please excuse the open toilet seat — but we’re real boho over here :)
The first thing that caught my eye was of course the geometric cement tile. I also LOVE green bullnose tile used as molding. And this rustic wooden vanity is everything.


The tavalera sink is the perfect accent.



Hello wood beam ceilings and wooden window frames.  And hello tiny turtles carved into the walls.

Also the cement(?) plaster (?) wall/bathtub and ‘stair’ wall situation? Holy guacamole I’m in love. Since remodeling the bathrooms at The Jungalow By The River are next on our agenda, I’m definitely taking notes.

Talavera Sink
Rustic wooden vanity
Bullnose Tile
Toilet Paper Holder
Recycled Glass Soap dispenser

The beautiful shop where this amazing bathroom: CASA ANTIGUA. Marino Escobedo No. 206.  Mazatlan.
Photos by Justina Blakeney

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

10 responses to “Rustic Mexican Bathroom Amazingness-Get the look.”

  1. Danae says:

    So good! That shower/tub situation reminds me of cog houses.

  2. aprilneverends says:

    It IS breathtaking. Thank you for sharing these amazing pics.

  3. miranda says:

    that is pretty. love the sink you chose. i don’t know why people don’t do pretty tile in their bathroom ALL the time. such the perfect opportunity!

  4. dominique says:

    when I saw the photo i thought “I wish” after seeing you’re Get The Look options I thought “I CAN DO THIS!!” So helpful to see all those pieces laid out. Thanks!

  5. Liz Medrano says:

    Hi Justina Mazatlan is my hometown, glad you liked it, downtown´s architecture around the Plazuela Machado is magical and full of beautiful textures. The street name is *Mariano* Escobedo and I am quite sure the bathroom wall technique is estuco plaster. Here is a link for a company name ¨Mosaicos Artesanales¨ where you can find beautiful floor mosaic in Guadalajara, they have shipments. https://www.facebook.com/lagunamosaicos.usuario?fref=ts

  6. […] This bathroom I spotted in Mexico earlier this year is still fueling my dreams for the bathroom remodel at The Jungalow by the River — the exposed beams against that soft green, not to mention the tile? It’s SO good. Green is a popular bathroom color for a reason- greens promotes feelings of health, growth, healing, and renewal. Plus it’s a relaxing color so whether you’re chilling in the bath, or getting ready for the day ahead- a good green bathroom can get you in the right mood. Try a similar green in your own bathroom with Pastorale Jade or Soft Green Meadow. […]

  7. Ivana says:

    hello, I am in a full planning of a Mexican bathroom, too. thanks a lot for the photos. please, could you advise what material is used for shower walls and as a base under the sink? is it concrete or resin or what else? I thought it is concrete what they use in MX but am not sure anymore. thanks a lot ahead for you prompt answer.

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  9. […] source: flikclr and jungalow.com […]

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