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This Just In: Malena

Malena Goods

It’s always exciting to see companies who are doing more than just making a buck- whether it’s taking care of our physical world, or creating opportunities for the people living in it to have access to resources many of us take for granted.  The social entrepreneur movement is making an imprint for good. These days you even have your pick of companies to support so when Malena’s founder, Flynn got in touch with me, what stood out to me was that Flynn isn’t just an entrepreneur, but an international human rights attorney. Talk about a different perspective on complex issues!

With Flynn’s background in “economic development, international trade law, war crimes, reconciliation, and improving access to justice through innovative approaches to education and empowerment”, at it’s core, Malena partners with artisans and cooperatives all over the world to tell their story and empower them to provide a better future for their communities.

Malena Artisans

Beyond having beautiful goods from all over the world in their shop, the Malena site has stories about the very talented artisans making the goods- which is really the best part. Check out these stories, and support the artisans- all on Malena’s site!

All images and quotes via Malena


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