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Patio Perfect and jobs for foster youth…


A few months ago, my homegirl (and one of my favorite instagrammers), Whitney Leigh Morris asked me if I could lend a hand on a very special project she was working on for The RightWay Foundation.  She was securing donations for, and decorating, their outdoor area.


(Loving the rustic planters donated by Tempered Design

The RightWay foundation focuses on job readiness training, education, and trauma-focused mental health services to foster care youth in Los Angeles County. They shared some pretty staggering stats with me:

70% of all California State Prison inmates are former foster youth… SEVENTY percent!?! How crazy is that?? 36% of California foster youth become homeless within 18 months of emancipation. 51% are unemployed within 2-4 years of emancipation. 46% of emancipating youth in Los Angeles County do not complete high school. I mean…


This certainly seems like a problem worth solving, yes? As a mom and as a member of this community this seems like a great  place to start in preventing issues (and cycles of) of poverty and homelessness…

So I know what you’re thinking…What can I do do help!?!

I am working with the foundation to help raise $8,500 to launch a new social enterprise. Their new screen-printing business will hire foster youth for 12-18 months, until they are ready to be placed in a job out in the real world. You can help us launch the Initiative by donating $10 (or more!) to our cause!  The idea is to provide a training ground for them, a safe place where they can make mistakes and get the guidance they need – where no one will give up on them, no matter what. (Click this link or check the sidebar to donate!)


With a heartfelt thank you to the following donors for helping to get the space together:

PLANTERS: Tempered Design
RUGS: Zingara Trading
DESKS: Rilan 

Also a thank you to Whitney for getting me on board to help out with this worthy cause and to The RightWay foundation for doing amazing work in the world.

Styling by Whitney Leigh Morris and Justina Blakeney
Photography by Justina Blakeney


Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

5 responses to “Patio Perfect and jobs for foster youth…”

  1. beautiful! and and wonderful cause—RWF is doing great things. Excited for the new biz!

  2. Danae Horst says:

    What a gorgeous and relaxing patio. I love these design projects you’ve been doing that also support amazing causes doing good in the world!

  3. Lauran says:

    Hi there. I love your blog! And I especially love that you help out worthy organizations and causes. In particular, the plight of foster youth is really important to me and something I support here in Oakland. I already went and made a pledge to the Right Way Foundation! Thanks for bringing attention to it.

  4. Denise Maynard says:

    I work for KJazz radio. I saw this on your blog. I would like to air some Public Service Announcements for this organization.

    I really follow you and Whitney Leigh Morris’ blog/instagrams. You both inspire me so much.

    Take care – Denise

  5. Krystyna says:

    Love this! What kind of mini trees are those on the coffee table?

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