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My studio: Jungalow HQ big reveal

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney
You may have had a chance to follow along with my #JungalowTakeover of the West Elm Instagram account over the weekend, where I shared my process of decorating the Jungalow HQ. And today I’m thrilled to share with you my ‘after’ pics of the studio. It’s been amazingly fun having some more space to house all my pretty crap and also really great to have a place to go to in the morning and collaborate with my team, exchange ideas and be all productive.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

This is my desk area. I hung a kilim rug that I believe is either Romanian or Bulgarian. I asked the guy at that Rose Bowl Flea when I bought it and now I forget. I love the colors, the floral motif and the ‘pixelated’ look of it. The studio can also get cold (it’s in a big loft/warehouse space) and I feel like having this up on the wall keeps me a little bit warmer. The rug on the floor is from Loloi.

My industrial desk and the green bins adjacent are also vintage.Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

It’s so nice to have a desk so I can finally work off of a big screen. I’ve been working from a laptop for years and it’s great t0 finally stretch out a bit.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

I wanted to have a little lounge area in the studio–I also needed a sofa for styling when I need to stage the studio like it’s a home. I opted for the Finn sofa at West Elm because it’s petite but also can hold three people if need be. I also wanted something neutral but not generic, and the peg legs and little curves at the arm do just that. My coffeetable is just a bench covered in some amazing indido-dyed and embroidered fabric from Mali. The planter is from Modernica, the side table from Target.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

Behind the sofa I’ve collaged favorite magazine clippings that I’ve been hoarding for years.I also hung an acrylic shelf over the clippings–I feel like this gives it an almost wallpaper effect. The brass trojan horse was an eBay find.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

I also hung up these pendant lamps that I’ve had for years. I haven’t had a place to put them up until now–and while they don’t give off a ton of light they create a warm ambiance.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

FINALLY a place for all of my textiles, pillows and props. They have been in boxes stashed all over my home for the longest time and I finally can have a place to dispay them and have easy access to them for when I need them. Plus they just make me happy. I picked these minimal industrial-style bookcases to house all my goodies. Most of my pillows are from Morocco and Turkey. Some of them are from Marika Wagle’s online shop and some are from Loloi.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

I also, of course, painted one of my signature ‘spots’ on the wall–this time in coral. Underneath it, I have a simple rustic storage bookcase that’s holding some of my books and kantha and suzani blankets. I also scored a couple of pompom baskets from Eliza Gran.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

My Jungalow hanging planter also makes a guest star appearance (duh!)

Jungalow HQ / Justina BlakeneyJungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

 Jungalow HQ / Justina BlakeneyJungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney
Then there is the hutch from Mexico that I’m clearly obsessed with. I found it on Craigslist for $150. (Which reminds me that I have a new column on my facebook where I share my my CL find with you all!) …and then painted it Coral Flower by Glidden. On either side I’ve hung an ivy plant and a fishhook succulent. Inside the drawer is a zeezee plant.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney
And how great are these bowls?!

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney
I opted for a larger formal dining table. I don’t have one at home which has made shotting tablescapes a challenge in the past. Also Sara and Danae who work with me needed a place to work from–so this table is doing double duty.   Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney       Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney

I think the most controversial thing that I did during the IG takeover was to paint the Bentwood Pendant. Folks were nervous. But I love how it came out.
I used these colors to paint the pendant:


Jungalow HQ / Justina BlakeneyJungalow HQ / Justina BlakeneyJungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney   
And here’s a shot of the whole space! Somehow we managed to fit all my stuff in here and make it look decent.

Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney  


Jungalow HQ / Justina Blakeney
Finn Sofa *// Bentwood Pendant *//Rustic Storage Bookcase *//Carroll Farm Table* // Pipe Tower Bookcase*//Berber Pillows // Pine Hutch //Baskets* // Romanian Kilim 

For tips on how to decorate for small spaces, head on over to Front and Main, West Elm’s blog, where I’m giving some insights on how to pack a lot in to a small space but still keep things pretty. I hope you enjoyed the studio tour–let me know I missed any sources or if you have any questions! And a big thank you to West Elm, Danae and Sara for helping to make the space look so jungalicious. Longest post ever. Thanks for making it to the end haha.

Photography by Danae Horst and Justina Blakeney. *Courtesy of West Elm/Eliza Gran 



Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

117 responses to “My studio: Jungalow HQ big reveal”

  1. Justina! It looks absolutely fantastic – so wonderfully layered with texture, colour and pattern. Bravo! Honoured to spot my book on your shelves, too – thank you. :)

    Hugs from London!


  2. Dana Au says:

    This is beyond gorgeous, T! So super excited for you!! I’m loving all the lighting choices and the coral coral coral. Yay for ergonomic computing! Muah xxx

  3. Brenda Kula says:

    Love, love, love it! Pinning frantically away!

  4. Samantha says:

    Oh, WOW…I LOVE IT!

    You are amazing. :)

  5. What a fantastic space! I love the layered look and all the plants. I could find inspiration working in that space.

  6. hana says:

    You have a wonderful ability to create spaces that feel cozy, lived in but also beautifully inspiring.

  7. debra says:

    A feast for the eyes! Looking forward to seeing what creative energies the space brings!

  8. Justina, it is beautiful!
    Congratulations. I am so pleased to see you doing so well. Very much deserved

  9. Kathryn says:

    Possibly the most gorgeous little space I have ever seen. That Kilim rug is just amazing!

    Once again Justina, your decor just makes my heart go pitter patter. Thanks you for sharing!

    xx Kathryn

  10. Maia says:

    Justina, I am absolutely in love with the end result of your studio. I wanted to ask, where do you find all your colorful ceramic pots? They bring so much character to your space!

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      Thanks Maia- I collect ceramics from all over-handmade and vintage–but I can say I find a lot of great ones for affordable prices on eBay. Just make sure they add a FRAGILE sticker on the box!!

  11. jan says:

    Looks amazing Justina, congrats!

  12. Brandy says:

    I love the bentwood pendant. That is one of the first things that caught my eye. I agree that the rug looks pixelated. That is really cool!

  13. Valerie says:

    Its stunning! Such a unique collection you have!

  14. Megan says:

    Everything is gorgeous, especially with all of that natural light flooding in.

    That textile collection is a thing of beauty. I’m usually not in to painting wood furniture, but your hutch turned out better than I could have imagined–and the bentwood pendant looks so much more interesting with the custom colors.

  15. Meinhilde says:

    This is so beautiful! I love the colours, the plants, and your amazing textiles!

  16. Zinnia says:

    Gorgeous! So lively, cheerful and inspiring…just the right amount of pattern and color. I LOVE it!

  17. Rosemary says:

    This studio is AWESOME! I love the perfect mix of greenery and pattern. Congratulations on your new space.

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  19. ARugShop says:

    What a great collection

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  21. Alison says:

    Hi Justina – love this. I was wondering where the rustic silverish/grey photo boxes are from (on the industrial bookcase below the brass items)? I’ve been looking for tasteful storage boxes for what seems like forever!

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  23. niki says:

    Wow! What a space, it’s brightened up my Friday – imagine how much it would brighten up a working life?! Beautiful work! :)

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  25. Shavonda says:

    My Gah Justina! I loved having you takeover the WE feed. It was so fun and incredibly inspiring to see your updates. This space is an absolute dream. I looooove all the color, texture, pattern…just perfection. Congratulations on your space Justina. May you be inspired to continue to amaze!

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  28. Lulu says:

    Hi Justina,

    I came across your website whilst looking for spaces which oozed individuality and your spaces do that so beautifully. I am currently in my final year of a Fashion Degree and exploring the relationship between individuality and conformity, I would love to use some of your images for inspiration (Only if you allow me to ) – They would purely be used for inspiration. I look forward to hearing back from you – Keep up the amazing work :) xx

  29. Susan B. says:

    Unfortunately, it sort of looks like more-of-the-same.

  30. Jessica Caneal says:

    This is a gorgeous space. I am going to try a DIY to make one of those pom-pom baskets. My favorite part of this whole post was the way you decided to put a plant inside one of those. Also, I would love to know where you got your water cooler from if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

  31. Looks beautiful! I especially like painted light fixture. Good for you for being brave!

  32. Igor says:

    What an absolutely stunning and fanstastic studio! I can literally feel the creative vibe coming through my PC monitor! Thanks for inspiring us and encouraging us to use more color, pattern AND plants in our homes!! Love it! Sending a big hug from Germany!

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  34. Christine says:

    Great look! Where is the water cooler from? Thanks!

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  36. Ana says:

    Hey you are amazing budy. Your arts and crafts are simply very stylish. I got lots of inspiration from your blog.

  37. lindsay says:

    just wondering where you found that blue water crock, jug and stand for the water dispenser pictured in the corner next to the armoire?

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  39. KJ says:

    Finally, someone who uses folk art as an invaluable aspect of decorating! Would you be able to give any information on the artist/maker of that beautiful framed print/painting on your low storage unit? (Beneath the painted wall spot in photos.) It’s gorgeous and intriguing. Congrats on your new book release – KJ

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  41. Magancito says:

    Really a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing!!

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  43. miranda says:

    ah, i love this. i would kill to work in a space like that. so much to delight the senses.
    i’m stuck in a carpeted cubicle with NO windows.

    give me sunlight. give me plants (i just have pictures of them taped to my walls)!

    love that pink hutch! how fantastic. i’m so afraid to paint furniture. i have a metal headboard i want to paint white but i just don’t know. do i use chalk paint? will that help it look antique?

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  57. Justine says:

    Justina, what are those small hanging plants you have in the first pic? And what type of hanging pots are they in? Thanks! Justine

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    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

  81. Anna says:

    Hi! I love your studio. Where are you located? Do you ever open it up for collaborations with other artists/photo shoots?

  82. Andaloo says:

    The copper accent pieces (on the industrial bookcase below the brass items) are to die for! I love everything copper – it brings such a mid-century feel to your home.

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  84. Hey you are amazing budy. Your arts and crafts are simply very stylish. I got lots of inspiration from your blog.

  85. Christie says:

    Are the walls painted a simple white? Can you share what color?

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  87. Kingbrion says:

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  89. di game ini anda bisa menjadi Bandar bergilir tapi harus bawa modal banyak juga .. karena sekali menang itu bisa menang banyak haha tapi kalau lagi jadi bandar nya dan sedang sial atau tidak ya kalah besar

  90. Geetha says:


    Thanks for sharing article with us… nice post..

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