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Flights of Fancy: Holiday Entertaining

Flights of Fancy -- Holiday entertaining with Uncommon Goods

There is little I like more than standing around a table of yummy hors d’oeuvres chit chatting with people who make me laugh, catching up, remembering old times, tasting different cheeses and getting just a tiny bit tipsy over some yummy Italian wine and oh gosh I could eat olives for days…So when Uncommon Goods asked if I could help them come up with a few ideas for holiday entertaining, I perused through their seemingly endless array of really neat products and picked out a few that would satisfy an entertaining concept I’m calling Flights of Fancy. The idea is an hors d’oeuvres table with all kinds of tasting flights so that guests can try out a smattering of new flavors.

Flights of Fancy -- Holiday entertaining with Uncommon Goods

The honey flight is pretty amazing. It comes with Blueberry Honey (yum!)  Buckwheat Honey (funky but yum), Sourwood Honey (my fave) Sweet Yellow Clover: (simple and yummy).  It also makes a perfect prezzie for a party host, especially paired with a favorite cheese.

Flights of Fancy -- Holiday entertaining with Uncommon Goods

I also love this wine-tasting flight.  I like the tiny carafes anyway, but the arched tray looks really modern and just the idea of having a wine tasting at your home just feels super chic and like a total holiday must–right?

Flights of Fancy -- Holiday entertaining with Uncommon Goods

Nor could I resist this chalkboard lazy susan, also perfect for labeling a cheese flight (or whatever!)

Flights of Fancy -- Holiday entertaining with Uncommon Goods

This whole situation gets me very excited to have some guests over to the jungalow this season. Since it doesn’t look like I’m taking any actual flights anywhere, these flights of fancy will have to suffice for the time being ;) More cheese, please!!

*Photography by Danae Horst, Creative Direction by J. Blakeney
*This post was created in partnership with Uncommon Goods. 


Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

6 responses to “Flights of Fancy: Holiday Entertaining”

  1. Gorgeous! I love a fun and festive holiday spread. I would be all over that honey flight.

  2. Danae says:

    This was such a fun shoot! I totally want to have a tasting party now.

  3. Great post, and I especially like the dark tablecloth creating drama and giving focus to the culinary delights!

  4. Maria says:

    I would love to taste all those yum yum varieties of honey… really making me fancy the yumminess here

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