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#ThriftOrTreat – A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
Sick of the tired old black and orange color combos and plastic jack-o-lanterns, this year for Halloween I wanted to create an intriguing, textured tablescape that was equal parts creepy and elegant. I still yearned for the hair-raising details and overall dark vibe, but I kinda wanted to leave off the cheese factor…and, of course, I hoped to achieve this all without breaking the bank. So, without having a super clear idea of what I was looking for exactly, I headed to my local Savers thrift shop to see what I could unearth…

And I scored pretty hard…From black plates, glass jars and styrofoam heads, to gold candles, candlesticks, glassware and a whole collection of porcelain cats, I knew I was on my way to something intriguing. Savers was the perfect Halloween one-stop-shop because they carry new and old Halloween stuff so it’s easy to mix it up to put together something unique.
A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

Ultimately,  most of everything on this table (including the bed-skirt we’re using as a table-cloth) was found at Savers and purchased all together for less than $100….

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

What’s so great about using thrifted items for a tablescape is that I feel totally cool about spray painting over stuff–and in this way it’s easy to make things look cohesive…so our thrifted cats got a coat of matte black spray paint…

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
and so did the pumpkins..

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape


A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
We found bags of old toy bugs used them in our floral arrangements…eeeiiiieewww. A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

Those little glass bottles turned into jars for our ‘poisonous’ cocktail…(come back to the blog tomorrow for the recipe…)

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

And that styrofoam head became our severed head/medusa floral centerpiece. Pretty genius, I know :PA Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
And let us not forget about our candy pears (recipe coming mañana for those too…)  A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape  A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
At the end of the day, I couldn’t be happier with my spooky-chic results! #ThriftOrTreat yo!

Florals by Kelly Cuadra of Viva Voce
Crafting by Danae Horst
Tablescape Photography by Dabito
Before & After Photography by Danae Horst
Creative Direction by Justina Blakeney

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Savers, seriously though–the best place to shop for Halloween.

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

49 responses to “#ThriftOrTreat – A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape”

  1. Totes genius floral Medusas though!! My eyes are hearts.

  2. christine says:

    this is truly beautifull. what an eye you have!

  3. Sandrine says:

    Love it!! And this bouquet really is stunning.

    While Halloween is not part of our culture down here, I still love decorating my house with some elements of it. Unfortunately what can be found is either cheesy or really childish. I’ll steal the all-black idea though.

  4. Creepy, classy and so creative!

  5. debra says:

    Dabito said it perfectly…creepy, classy and creative. Most importantly classy…

  6. Malia says:

    This is just what I needed! I love the black foam head so much.

  7. Sara says:

    Gorgeous! You guys did an amazing job transforming each piece to look so high end and mysterious. Very creative – talented crew!

  8. Vanille says:

    Great ideas ! Totally love the floral centre piece! Such an atmosphere on this tablescape !

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous and totally rivals Martha Stewart!

  10. Marie Vlasic says:

    Oooo, I love this! You have some fantastic (and simple) ideas here that I want to steal! The black cats, the foam head as a floral base, I love it! My table isn’t nearly so elegant, but you have inspired me for next year…http://theyearoflivingfabulously.com/2014/10/15/victorian-gothic-halloween-a-home-tour-today-the-front-room-decorating-on-the-cheap-diys-tips-tricks/

  11. Your table from top to bottom is elegant. I shop Savers all the time for items that people are so nice enough to let us ‘discover’ again! More people should donate anything and everything that can have a second, or third or more lives, with other people looking to create a new look for themselves or their home. You never know what you will find!
    What you’ve done here is inspiring! I’d sit at your table anytime!

  12. Kat says:

    Your tablescape turned out beautiful! I work at Value Village in Canada and this year became Head Halloween Consultant and I can tell you I have had a blast. We only have about 6 of those styrofoam heads left. I have dressed up every day for almost 2 months now while using the store as my stomping grounds for creating my Halloween costumes. I also created a pinterest board of them just so I can keep track of them all. Have a peek if you want, especially at my Jack Sparrow outfit as he is my fave! http://www.pinterest.com/katster57/my-halloween-costumes-2014/

  13. Tonia says:

    I don’t even do Halloween, but this makes me want to. :-)

  14. Absolutely amazing and the medusa floral headpiece is so fabulous!

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  16. Erin says:

    Only two words. CRUSHED IT!

  17. This is insanely gorgeous! Well done.

  18. Deb says:

    This is my favorite tablescape ever!! Gorgeous, creative! I wish I were crazy enough to do this every day, LOL.

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  20. Mary Watson says:

    So pity I find your post so later! If I’ve found it before Halloween, I would definitely copy your idea! Love the way you’ve renovated these thrifted cats and turned them into brand new decoration. My girls will fall in love with this idea and this will also be a very good up-cycling lesson for them. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

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  24. judi says:

    I love the mannequin head you decorated for Thrift or Treat you did awhile ago. I sell mannequins, mannequin heads and DIY tutorials on craft projects with mannequins. Would you consider a tutorial on how you created the mannequin head? For each tutorial I sold on my website, I would give you a percentage of the sale. And we could cross promote this on our social media. In the website section below I am putting in the link to my DIY mannequin page on my website. But I also have a DIY section on Pinterest. Looking forward to hearing from you. Loved the article about you in Sunset magazine

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  26. Ahmazzziinngggg! I’m a big fan of your blog!!

  27. Tyler Howard says:

    Wow! This is such a beautiful tablescape

  28. The things putting here whatever too goo

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  31. Perusahaan says:

    It is time to stop spending all your party money on orange streamers, caution tape, and hanging ghosts. Instead, look for antique candle holders, eerie clocks and dark flower arrangements

  32. Cali Ann says:

    I know you did this awhile ago but I’m wondering where you found the mini swords for the apples/pears?

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  34. Haley says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Would you mind if I showed some of your photos (with credit) on my Interior Design Blog!?

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