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This Just In: Shirin Sahba


Recently, I came across Shirin Sahba and her magical paintings. Everything about these creations speaks to me – the color, lines, spirit, and sense of wonder and adventure. Shirin was born in India, and spent the next several years of her life traveling the globe. She has me dreaming of wandering the many corners of the earth that I’d still love to visit.

A Glittering Moment

Don’t you just want to jump into one?

For more information about Shirin and her work, check out www.shirinsahba.com or www.limonana.blogspot.com

Alternative Text Danae Horst

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13 responses to “This Just In: Shirin Sahba”

  1. Jessie says:

    Oh my!! These are so unique & gorgeous!!

  2. annton says:

    isn’t this art incredible. I have known her work for a while now and always come back, being amazed.

  3. Naser Rabbani says:

    Dear Justina, wow, amazing, always in your arts I have seen, your vision is to the extent of the whole world and beyond, which you love and serve. Your paintings and what you present comes from your heart and are a message of peace, love, happiness and joy..

  4. Shirin Sahba says:

    Thank you Justina for the amazing shout out! I’m beyond honoured to be featured on your lovely & brilliant blog…Keep up the inspiring work! xxx

  5. piruz khorvash says:

    ازمیان همه ی این تصاویرچشم نوازمشکل توانستم از تابلوی “زندگی شیرین” دیده بردارم

  6. Anonymous says:

    These are so very beautiful.

  7. Amazing isn’t she! Shirin’s work has me struck each time I receive her art updates by email. I wish someday to own one of her magical works! Thanks Justina for continually featuring amazing work here.

    All the best Shirin, you are an inspiration!

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