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8/13/14DIY: Nicole’s Wire Egg Basket Light Pendant

DIY 2-003

While prepping for a recent shoot at my house, I started freaking out a little that I didn’t have a proper light fixture in the kitchen…or any room of the house for that matter!  I had to think fast and saw the perfect little pendant in my wire egg basket that usually sits on the kitchen table.  Like Justina, I love finding ways to creatively reuse objects in the home and was so eggcited when this little makeshift re-wiring worked.  All I did was widen one of the open parts of the wire by cutting a bit with wire cutters, then I pushed the lighting cord through and added a bulb.  I fastened it to the cord, so that it hangs straight, with a little piece of wire and twisted it like a grocery twist tie.  So Simple. And effective, right?

DIY 2-009

It still works as an egg basket too if I want to switch it up:

I love to change the scenery at my house all the time; keeps me inspired and on my toes.  Try and look at objects in your home in new ways, it can really fun and totally rewarding when something kooky works out.

DIY 2-096

Also…a hat?  I thought so.  This is me, by the way…if any of you have been wondering.  I was channelling this dude in the colander hat, but it didn’t quiiite have the same effect.  Thanks for letting me share!

P.S. It looks like Justina has already shared how multi-talented the colander can be, and the funnel too!

{Project by Nicole Valentine Don for Justina Blakeney est. 1979.}
For more Nicole,  visit her blog and follow her on instagram.
Photos by: Fiona Galbraith


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