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Before & After: Nicole’s Wardrobe Makeover

Before & After: Nicole's Wardrobe Makeover
(Before photo by: Jeremy Greive)

Built-in wardrobes are a rare feature in Sydney apartments; most of the places near the beach (where I live) are older buildings that have little storage space.  So, I had open concept hanging racks for.EVER. and felt like I lived in a teenager’s room as a result.  A room just never feels that tidy when all your clothes are on show…plus, my room probably wasn’t actually all that tidy ;)

For a long time now, my thrift store outings have involved hunting for the perfect (and spacious) wooden wardrobe that I could hide all my clothes in.  Finally, I found one with a great body, pretty feet and nice old-fashioned embellishments…in cedar, so it just had to be painted.  This is what the wardrobe looked like when I bought it, and this is what it looks like now:

Before & After: Nicole's Wardrobe Makeover

I was also inspired by this post of Justina’s to add the old French keys hanging from green velvet on one of the door handles for the ‘new boho’ finishing touch.

Before & After: Nicole's Wardrobe Makeover

I added a bunch of plants for color; my favourites are the ones that drape down the sides- it’s so easy to do this with cacti, succulents or air plants like ‘Old Man’s Beard’ (Spanish Moss *not pictured) because they don’t need too much attention or water.

Before & After: Nicole's Wardrobe Makeover Before & After: Nicole's Wardrobe Makeover

Here’s how to get the look:

What you’ll need:
Lovely wooden wardrobe, look for features like pedestal feet and decals.
Medium grain sandpaper
Paint Primer
Paint in your choice of color
Plants! Cacti, Succulents & air plants that don’t require too much attention or water.

What I did:
1. I cleaned the whole piece of furniture inside and out with a vinegar and hot water solution and an old rag.
2. I sanded it back, so the surface was rough for painting.
3. I PRIMED it as a first coat (I am so glad I listened to my mom about this- it makes all the difference; seals, protects and prevents the paint from peeling).
4. I painted 2 coats in a matte finish.

{Project by Nicole Valentine Don for Justina Blakeney est. 1979.}
For more Nicole, visit her blog and follow her on pinterest
After photos by: Fiona Galbraith


Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

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