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6/19/14Branch jewelry display DIY

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DIY 1-290

I have kept my jewelry in a tin for years and every once in awhile I take it all out and organize it, but normally when I go to fish out that one special piece, I end up spending an hour untangling a mess of metal.  So, my solution was to make a super simple branch holder for my necklaces. I placed the branch temporarily above my bed, but ended up loving it as a sculptural accent and so it has stayed there. I could see this looking great with a mini-garland hanging on the branch instead of jewels too.

What you’ll need:
Branch – pretty, sturdy, small, medium, large- up to you!
Nails – small, flathead
Fishing wire, Ribbon or string

What I did:
I used a pretty piece of driftwood and hammered in nails along it, then looped fishing line on each end of the branch and hung the middle excess bit of line on a nail on the wall.  You could also hang it with a gorgeous ribbon or paint your branch if you wanted, but I preferred the natural and floating look- let the bling do its thing :)

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Photos by: Fiona Galbraith

Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

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5 responses to “Branch jewelry display DIY”

  1. I did one like this a little while ago and wrapped sections of the branch with embroidery floss for some colour. :) I love the natural look of yours though.

  2. Samantha says:

    What a fantastic idea, to make your jewellery an artwork!

  3. Melissa Page says:

    I can truly relate! Keeping necklaces in a box or tin can can create such a frustriating mess. Have tried hanging this with a ribbon? Can it actually hold?

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