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10 Ways to get out of a funk

10 Ways to get out of a funk

Some days you get into a funk, everything is totally annoying or infuriating, and it feels like nothing will help to shake it off. Well, I think I’m pretty good at staying upbeat and so today I thought I’d share with you some of my ‘secret weapons’ to shaking off bad mojo.  What do you think? How do you get out of a funk?

1. Go for a walk around your block and pick a bouquet of wildflowers.

2. Stop what your doing, blast some music from the 80’s like Prince, Cindy Lauper or Wham! Pick up a water bottle or curling iron to use as a microphone and have a dance party for one–and really commit.

3. Put on some bright pink lipstick, put a bouquet of flowers on your head and take 100 selfies. Post your favorite promptly to instagram.

4. Take your yoga mat outside and give yourself 10 minutes of stretching. Make sure that you’re up side down for a good portion of that time.

5. Take a shower with lavender essential oils and play soothing music, like Brazilian jazz. Take me away Astrud.

6. Take an hour to treat yourself to a pedicure. Allow yourself to read the gossip magazines.

7. Take an hour and treat yourself to a korean scrub. At korean spas for about $30 they’ll make you feel new again.

8. Rub a few drops of mint extract on your scalp. This is a good one if you’re at work and you can’t have a dance party or go and get a pedi. The mint refreshes and awakes you.

9. Stop what you’re doing and go and catch a matinee at your local cinema. Preferably something foreign or old. Be transported for a couple of hours to a new time and place.

10. Put on a disguise and go somewhere you’ve never gone before, like a cafe or restaurant. Speak in a foreign accent the ENTIRE time. Give yourself a new name for a few minutes. Be super mysterious and hot. My fake name is Sandrine. Obviously, I am French.  What’s yours?

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

18 responses to “10 Ways to get out of a funk”

  1. Steph says:

    I love this! Thanks, Justina.

  2. Carly Martin says:

    Funny you should post this- I was feeling creatively frustrated this morning and the best way I know how to break free from that is to paint something completely loose without any attachments. I loved that image you instagrammed yesterday and used that as inspiration this morning to paint this: http://carlymartinart.com/portfolio/#jp-carousel-841. So thank you!

  3. shelley says:

    i LOVE your lipstick!!!! what is it????

  4. Rose says:

    Lately I have been listening to Pharrell’s “Happy” REALLY LOUD to get myself out of a funk. Seems to work!

  5. Also good to listen to : The Rough Guide to the Music of Senegal.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Justina! I like them all. My favorites on the list are #5-9. I haven’t tried #10 yet but my shadow side or alter ego is Sasha ethnicity unknown. :-)

  7. annton says:

    okay, number ten made me laugh so hard. but how do I get rid of that french accent now? it seems to stick like glue ;) thank you for the uplifting list!

  8. Sandrine says:

    Hey but if you’re Sandrine, I should be Justina then :-)

  9. Inge says:

    Yeehh, so I am not the only one who does that! (No 10). I am Lola and I am Spanish :)

  10. Lauren says:

    Such fun ideas! I love the accent idea, but I’d be worried that I would offend someone.
    This is fantastic, though, and really, the perfect timing. Thanks for this.

    Your blog always inspires me! <3

  11. Erin says:

    I do #4 from time to time…but #10 is something I’m dying to try. Not sure if I can keep a straight face thought! xx Erin

  12. Maria Jose Garcia says:

    I created a play list of music , this does dramatically change my mood, because of the memories associated with some tunes.
    by the way my foreing name is Natalie. :)
    I absolutely love your blog..I am a declared fan of you..
    Maria Jose Garcia

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