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Egg Cup Planters

Egg Cup Planters

Egg Cups are adorable. I believe this to be a universal truth. I mean, come on. They’re so tiny and usually up on a little pedestal which makes them look all fancy, right? Well, I found these little guys in Denmark, but since I’ve never actually used an egg cup to eat an egg in in my whole entire life, I decided to do what any jungalow-dwelling designer would do–plant them up! I used succulents for the obvious cuteness factor but also because succulents have shallow roots. I filled 1/3 of the cup up with small rocks (like fish tank rocks) and the rest with soil. I’ll be sure to let soil dry completely between waterings and tip out any access water that’s sitting at the bottom of the cups, too–to make sure my succies stay happy in these little guys.

I found some similar egg-cups here--should you fancy a pair. And there are some great vintage ones on Etsy, too (you could even drill little drainage holes into the wooden ones!)

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

21 responses to “Egg Cup Planters”

  1. oh my, oh my! They are so adorable I just can’t control myself! :)

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    • Mary Ellen Zidich says:

      What is the name of the trailing succulent that In the far right of the right-hand egg cup? I bought some but haven’t been able to identify it. I believe it’s some kind of a groundcover however I just can’t seem to get the name for it thank you

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  5. Boopadaboo says:

    This is the most fabulous idea ever! I have about 10 from my great grandmother. I can just see these now in mu kitchen window.

    Thank you!

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  14. Lais says:

    Olá ! Super me interessei nesses vasinhos… E gostaria de saber o valor e como faço pra adquirir ?? Atualmente moro na Turquia e gostei muito deles para dar de lembrança pra as pessoas que amam plantinhas.
    Desde já
    Obrigada !

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