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Clothespin Bag Planter

You may remember when I was in Copenhagen I found this cross-stitched bag. I didn’t know what it was for until a couple of you all suggested that it was perhaps a clothespin holder. Funny, it’s like when I joke about the fact that our kids aren’t gonna know what a CD is–I had no idea that a clothespin holder was even a ‘thing’.  Ha ha. Anyway, I had the idea to re-appropriate the bag as a wall-planter and now that I’m back in the Jungalow I finally got around to it. clothespin bag-panter

And when I saw how adorbs the succulent looked in there, I got to searching online for more clothespin bags for all of you all, so we could all fill them with plants. clothespin bag planters

I didn’t find any as pretty as mine (sorry) but here are a few to getchya started. I can picture these looking so cute in a kitchen for fresh basil and cilantro–or even with an air purifying fern in the bathroom. Fun! Happy wallplanting.

Canvas Laundry Clothespin Bag
Clothespin’ Clothespin Bag
Gingham Clothespin bag
Navy Clothespin Bag


Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

3 responses to “Wallplanting”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So great! I don’t have any of these, but I have several small rectangular purses that my mom has brought me from her travels. I’m not a big purse girl generally, but these are passport pocket size, so I never really use them, but their global prints are so cute. Hanging them up as plant holders might be just the thing!

  2. donna ayers says:

    I really like clothspin plater they look nice

  3. donna ayers says:

    I don’t get on pinterest very often but when it is brought up everything is usually great thank you for sharing

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