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3/28/12The folksy Collected home of Stella and Pedro Alberti

Stella and Pedro Alberti are the parents of two of my best friends, Sole and Sofia. They are from Cordoba, Argentina and moved to L.A. when Sols and Sof were little kids. I’ve known their family for over 15 years now and have had the pleasure of hanging out at there parents’ house for lots of festive occasions. Stella and Pedro are both artists, and their home oozes creativity, history, and an intricate and delicate sense of style that surprises and delights at every turn.

Tiny collections of old sentimental things, bricolage, artifacts and the couple’s own art pieces adorn their West Hollywood home. Stella has mad style. She always is dressed to the nines and is one of those women that just makes you wonder how they are always so perfectly ‘put together.’ She is an insanely talented artist and artisan, and I was lucky enough to work with her on my wedding gown. (The last image above is a watercolor sketch/design she did of my gown).

She and I have a synchronicity when it comes to design and style–we both love pom poms, antiques, unfinished lines and are not afraid to take risks in our designs. Working with her from her home/atelier to create my gown was an all-around dreamy experience.  It didn’t hurt that she always had little snacks prepared for us, spread out on the dining table, perfectly styled on enchanting little dishes, placed among vases filled with fresh herbs and flowers, as though ready to photograph for a lifestyle shoot.  But that’s just how she is–effortlessly stylish.

All of the artifacts are displayed in their home come with a story.  The little iron was a toy of her grandmother’s, the blue glass pendant lamp–a gift from her mother…and so on. Pedro, also a skilled mosaic artist and carpenter, has built out so many amazing nooks in the home. Outside, next to the big Argentine grill, the garden is adorned with intricate mosaics made from recycled mugs and plates. It’s truly breathtaking–I will take more photos next time I am there to share with you all.

Visit Stella’s website to see more or her designs, and if you are looking for a designer to collaborate with, I can’t recommend her enough.

Gracias por todo Stella! Tu casa es una inspiración!

Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

8 responses to “The folksy Collected home of Stella and Pedro Alberti”

  1. Hi
    Thank You Tina. Its so pretty.
    Love. Stella

  2. Faith says:

    So glad you featured Stella and Pedro’s home- it is one of my favorites in all of LA- true artisans are hard to find and Stella and Pedro seem right out of a story book you want to read time and time again. I look forward to more posts of their home and their creations! Un abrazo fuerte! Faith

  3. T! Thanks for representing the Alberti Fam. This post is awesome! The images are gorgeous. You really captured the essence of their style. You should do the exterior post next time…Besos y Carinos xoxo

  4. Beautiful, I love all the little details. And I have a soft spot for folksy home decor, I admit…

  5. mmmmmmmmmm i dream of a kitchen window with a view. lovely

  6. Those colourful textiles are doing it for me!

  7. Wow their home and your pictures !! Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing <3

  8. Elizabeth says:

    It sounds and looks amazing!! I especially love the blue lamp!

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