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1/27/12We belong together.

Something about that room–and something about her gaze (not to mention the impeccable styling in both images, and the matching mood and colors) made me feel like they belonged together.
Now that Friday is here I almost instinctively get that ‘TGIF’ feeling even though, truth be told, as a self-employed person there is very little difference between a weekday and a weekend for me–for better and for worse. Sometimes my weekends are more jam-packed with client meetings and deadlines than my weekdays (not that I’m complaining). But I also do know how it feels to work a full time job and for Friday to roll around–it’s that feeling of some finally ‘me’ time that is oh so necessary, even if the time is used just to do laundry, pay bills and catch up on zzzz’s, it’s still like–the best thing ever. 

So weather for you it’s a weekend for you full of family time and fun, tax prep and errands or creative project time–I hope that you find it relaxing and rewarding, peaceful and indulgent. I’m going to see I if I can’t find the perfect wedding dress this weekend. Wish me luck.

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Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

8 responses to “We belong together.”

  1. Agreed! These images totally fit together, i love the casual feeling of the bedroom one.

    Good luck on your wedding dress shopping- I’d love to hear how it goes- I’m going next weekend and have no idea what to expect!

  2. that’s pretty fresh..! love the pairing of the two. you never cease to inspire!

  3. PURA says:

    Turquoise is a beautiful color. Wish you luck on your shopping.

  4. Just been catching up with your blog post-Paris. Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather earlier on in the week – hope those headaches are fully gone now. (P.S. Love that bottle lamp base.)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Love that combo! While her look says a lot of things, one is definitely “You do not mess with me.” :)

  6. This is WOW.
    …did you find a dress?!

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