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I caught Suzani Fever in istanbul





Thank you all for waiting so patiently for me to start to post some of my Istanbul finds. Today I am sharing two pieces that I found at the Grand Bazaar. They are both older Suzani textile pieces, not sure how old but the one I’m using on the side-table is older–there are a lot of hand stitches and you can just tell by looking at it that it’s been around a while.

The bedspread I had absolutely zero intention on buying but the salesman totally roped me in and had me sitting in his shop for literally fourty minutes showing me dozens and dozens of pieces. I would have left after only few minutes but the man knew his stuff and was explaining all kinds of interesting things to me about how the textiles are made. Apparently, the bedspread I got is rare because it is blue. He said that usual background colors are red and beige, but then again he also told my boyfriend’s mother that he wanted to buy me for 5000 camels, so there’s that.

The two ‘feet’ on the side table are antique Kilim brushes (or at least that’s what I gathered from the guy who sold them to me who spoke very little English). One look and I had to have them. I just love how they look like silly, goofy wooden feet.

And so yes, as it turns our I caught suzani fever while I was over there.  If you like the look of my suzanis and are considering purchasing one for yourself, I found some pretty ones online at The Loaded Trunk.  More soon. Have a great weekend and if you catch Suzani fever, the only cure is bedrest and lots of chai tea….so drink up!

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

12 responses to “I caught Suzani Fever in istanbul”

  1. stephanie says:

    I love Suzani! The only thing that I own is from Anthropologie…..LAME! I’m so excited to learn about the Loaded Trunk, thanks!

    ps. Just finished looking through your portfolio from the link and I am so inspired! It is INSANE!

  2. I love the Suzani on your bed! Also, the peek of the rug in the last but one image caught my eye – colour fantastic! Hope you had a lovely weekend, J!

  3. Shauna A says:

    5000 camels? This guy means business.
    The bedspread looks great, the color really pops! I love it in your space!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    They are both gorgeous.

  5. @Stephanie – thank you so much. your compliments re: my portfolio totally made my day.

    @Will–sneeky!you never miss a thing! Ha! Ill be posting about that rug today. xoxo

    @Shauna yup. 5000 camels. no joke. LOL.

    @Elizabeth thank you!

  6. hahahah 5000 camels! you are worth so much more than that. ;)
    can’t wait to see these pieces in person!

  7. hey there – i’m heading to istanbul soon. just out of curiosity, about how much should i expect to pay for a rug and suzani similar to what you got? just trying to figure out how much to put in my shopping budget :)

  8. @Colleen – I’m jealous!! I want to go back! Honestly though, prices are not that great on all this stuff. I probably could have found similar prices here, there is just way more selection and the fun of souvenirs over there. I paid $180 for the suzani and $250 for my rug. The rug was probably a pretty good deal. Note that I didn’t get it at the Grand Bazaar but at an antique shop off of Istaklal st. (there are a lot of cool antique shops on that side of town) I think bargains at the gran bazaar are few and far between. Have fun!!

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  10. I’m in love with the prints! And that side table blends perfectly in my office. You did an amazing job accessorizing your space.

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